Am I Completely Oblivious?!?!

Call me old fashioned, but I really don't understand society today. Well actually, don't call me old fashioned, I'll be very offended, but regardless. Without getting completely into all that bewilders me (partially because I'm not ready for the flack I'd get), but how is it that nothing that was formally regarded as special or traditional or classy has gone out the window?

Society says you can do whatever you want without consequence, as long as it's not hurting anybody else. Marriage, what was once such a sacred commitment has now been dwindled down to "it's just a piece of paper". Uh no, no it's not just a piece of paper. If it were just a piece of paper, I don't think people would be fighting so hard for equality in marriage. No longer is marriage important since everyone can "live in sin" or do whatever else they want. Hey, we've made 16 and Pregnant one of MTV prime shows (not gonna lie, it is one of my favourites-- I'm fuelling what I despise). Even dating relationship have been degraded. Even in my own life, amongst my own friends, I feel like I'm behind, or a child, or a prude! But am I? Am I a sheltered prude for having values.

People get offended by the slightest things, and god forbid you deny them of one of their "rights", but who cares how anyone is treated. One can act any which way; sleeping around is "no big deal", drinking is just a normal part of being young, nothing has any importance or value.  Nothing is what it once was. I read the book Classy by Derek Blasberg, and his motto is classy not trashy. Most of his points seem like common sense, to me, but when I brought them up with some peers it's like alien!

Basically my rant has been a long time coming. Just in talking with friends, I feel either like a child or an 80 year old woman saying "KIDS THESE DAYS!" and shaking my fist. But, maybe I am. Maybe I just don't see things the way the world does, the way society wants us to think. When I say I don't like to go out, I mean it. I'm not thinking down on people who do, or think I'm better than them, I just think there are better things to do.

I was not the 19 year old who was beyond stoked to go and get wasted, or thrilled that I could go to bars. I'm just not that person. I'm the person that wonders what happened to society. I'm the person who watches old shows on TV Land or Deja Vu and thinks how simple things were and the vulgar things of those times are nothing today. Society has changed, but has it changed for the better? I don't think so. I think by the time my children are the age I am now, the world will be a bunch of chaotic, slutty, classless hell. What is the world coming to? I certainly don't want to find out.

Well there's my rant. Who knows. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm jaded.



Anonymous October 4, 2011 at 10:22 AM

WOW...good post! I read it from top to bottom and you are an awesome writer! I completely agree with you about society turning into chaos. It is going to be the fall of the Roman Empire all over again I tell you. No discipline, regard for values and self respect, gluttony (to the MAX) and tribal behavior! haha (Do not get me wrong, it is COMPLETELY fine in Africa to stretch golf ball sized holes in your earlobes,it works and they have reasons for it) Let's be serious walk down the sidewalk in a Canadian suburb like that...? Give me a break people.

Stay strong and hold true and regardless of what people say, YOU will end up the winner because you are a daughter of the King :)


Anonymous December 11, 2011 at 3:50 AM

Three things:

1. People fighting for the right to get married doesn't necessarily mean it's because it's "more than a piece of paper." I don't intend to ever be married, but I am in full support of the movement for gay marriage - it's not AT ALL about the piece of paper. It's about having the same rights as everyone else. It's about being accepted as equal human beings regardless of who you choose to love.

2. Maybe things were simpler back then in the days of deja-vu land, but also keep in mind that much of this "simplicity" comes from the fact that women weren't really allowed to think much for themselves anyway. Life was a lot harder for a lot of different reasons.

I've had premarital sex. Lot's of it, actually. With several different people. But I am a good person. I care about others. I'm kind. I'm intelligent. I work hard. I give back. I choose to define whether I have values, class, morals, based on who I am as a person, not whether I have sex or not. The idea that an intact hymen has anything to do with it is absurd. NOT that I don't respect people who do decide to remain virgins - I just hope that it is for themselves and not the idea that they have to remain pure to retain value as an individual. And that they don't think that losing it takes away their worth as a person.

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